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Meet the Freshmaker

Hi, my name is Lindsey Gant. My interest in nutrition began after the birth of my daughter. To save money and give my daughter the highest quality of nutrition, I made her baby food and enrolled in college nutrition courses. The simple truths I learned during this time have stuck with me and I continue to remain conscious of what I put in my body.

Struggles with body image and addiction at an early age caused series of unhealthy choices and a lifestyle that lead to incarceration. While in prison, the days were filled with little to no activity, a diet high in carbs and starch, and almost no fresh fruits and veggies. When I was released to the Hope Rises Wellness & Recovery House in early 2016, I was overweight and out of shape and consistently felt nauseous. With help from the Hope Rises program, I began exercising and eating healthy foods. I eventually eliminated dairy from my diet and found immediate improvement in my health and other areas of my life.

Being in the Hope Rises kitchen and creating food that’s not only good but good for me has inspired me to share what I’ve learned and a natural culinary talent with others.

Lindsey is a resident of the Hope Rises Wellness & Recovery House and a recent graduate of the TEO (Transitional Employment Opportunity) program at Goodwill Industries of Arkansas.