P.O. Box 166424, Little Rock, AR

About Us

The Dandy Line Kitchen is a social enterprise program of local nonprofit, Hope Rises. It is a food delivery service of freshly prepared, healthy, delicious, and affordable meals. All proceeds benefit the Mission of Hope Rises.

Hope Rises provides holistic services to previously incarcerated women to improve their health and well-being and provide opportunities for personal growth and empowerment. Learn more about Hope Rises.

TheĀ Basics

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday you can order a freshly prepared, healthy meal and have it delivered to your home or place of work during the lunch hour.

We have four options to choose from.

  1. Individual Meals – We choose a meal for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of every week. You can see when you order the date and meal available. We deliver an individual serving for $9.50.
  2. Family Packs – Instead of one serving, you can order four servings for later or to feed your family. A family pack costs $32 (a 12% discount.)
  3. Week of Individual Meals – Order a serving to be delivered to you on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of a specified week. This costs $25 (a 12% discount!)
  4. Week of Family Packs – Order four servings to be delivered to you on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of a specified week. That equals 12 servings for a whole week. This costs $85 (a 13% discount!)

Why The Dandy Line Kitchen?

Healthy eating is an integral part of the Hope Rises program and the lives of the residents of the Hope Rises Wellness & Recovery House.

Hope Rises provides the ingredients for the residents of the Hope Rises Wellness & Recovery House to cook and have three square meals every single day. That’s very unique for a transition house. Even more unique is our ladies learn to cook only fresh and healthy meals on a budget with help from a Hope Rises nutritionist.

This (1) improves physical healthy, (2) improves body image, and (3) gives our residents the skills and habits to stay healthy after graduating from the Hope Rises program.

Freshmaker, Lindsey Gant, is a wiz in the kitchen.

Lindsey is a participant in Hope Rises’s program and a talented chef and dedicated small businesswoman. Lindsey is employed by The Dandy Line Kitchen and helps develop recipes, cook and deliver meals, and market and grow our customer base. We hope to grow to support Lindsey with a full-time living wage and provide part-time employment for other residents of the Hope Rises Wellness & Recovery House.

Nonprofits, in general, struggle to diversify funding.

Being a nonprofit is tough in uncertain economic times. Personal and corporate giving levels are lower and nonprofits have to get creative and use the talent and innovation they have. Providing a fantastic and valuable service while turning a profit just makes sense! After expenses and Lindsey’s salary, all proceeds go to Hope Rises.